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English Summer/ Winter Camp

  English Camp
發文單位:Language Extension Program      張貼日期:2012-08-08  

1. Sponsor Unit: The Language Center, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

2. Purpose: Due to the growing importance of internationalization, the Language Center adopts the English resource to inspire teenagers’ English learning motivations and help them enhance their English reading, listening, speaking and writing abilities. With the English-only environment and active teaching, students will be able to speak English naturally in their daily lives. The term of the cam lasts for 5 days. At the end of the camp, each student will be honored with one certificate.

3. Participants: All senior high school students, vocational school students and the third year students of junior high schools.

4. Location: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

5. Period of the camp: From1/28/2013 to 2/1/2013

6. Fee: NT.4900 per person (including accommodation, three meals for each day, a handbook, a notebook and the insurance)7. Faculty: Native and foreign instructors of YunTech. 2 TAs for each class.

8. Accommodation: All the participants have to live on-campus. Please prepare your own sleeping bag. We do provide one pillow and quilt for each student. (Sine the beds of YunTech dormitories are made of woods, you can spread your own sleeping bag then you won’t feel cold.)

9. Class division standard: The Language Center will divide the students into different classes and rooms.

10. Application deadline: 1/9/2013The limitation number for each term is 112. If the limitation number is met, we won’t accept any application forms.

11. Application method:
a. Apply by post: Send the check and the application form to the following address Language Center
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology123, Sec.3, University Rd., Douliou, Yunlinb. Apply in person: Please visit the Language Center and pay be cash.

12. Payment method:
a. Check entitled
National Yunlin University of Science and Technologyb. ATM─004 (Taiwan Bank) Account :031001-120522
The preferred payment method is to pay with a check

13. Discount:
a. If apply before 12/28/2012, NT. 100 discount.
b. Group application including more than 3 people, NT. 200 discount.
Only one method can be used when paying. Please deduct by yourself in the process of paying.
c. The first 15 applicants who come to the Language Center in person can acquire the handouts of 2012 Summer Camp.

14. Result: The list of the accepted applicants will be posted on the following website on 1/11/2013.  We will also send emails to the accepted students.


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