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  English for Special Purposes
Unit:Language Assessment Program      Posting Date:2012-08-08  
Based on our freshmen and sophomore English courses, we developed ESP (English for Specific Purpose) courses provided as selected courses for junior and senior students of YunTech. The ESP courses suit the needs of different majors of students. For example, Technical English has been developed for the College of Engineering students, Career and Business English for the College of Humanities and College of Management students, and English Presentation Skills for Designers for the College of Design students. Both professional knowledge and language proficiency are focused on in these courses, making it easier for students to meet the demands of their future career in the international world. 


 ESP is especially designed to meet the professional and linguistic needs of students’ future careers. Students can study cross-department and cross-college courses,  envisioning themselves with knowledge from different working fields, and increasing their career competitiveness. Furthermore, instructors can develop their professional ability through the change of teaching material and method, further promoting  teaching quality and professional reputation.
     Our current ESP Courses are as follows:  
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