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  English Elite Program
發文單位:Language Assessment Program      張貼日期:2012-08-08  
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
English Elite Program Implementation Guidelines
Approved and modified in the 51st Academic Affairs Meeting on March 25th of the 2009 Academic Year.
Approved and modified in the 37th Academic Affairs Meeting on May 11th of the 2010 Academic Year.

These guidelines were established to advance the English ability of YunTech students, to broaden their international vision, and to reinforce their global competitiveness in their future career.

Applicant Qualifications: Students should prove that they have acquired an English proficiency equivalent to the GEPT Intermediate Level or higher on a standardized test of English proficiency.

Number of places: 100 students per year.

Application Method: Students should first fill in the program’s application form, which is available from the Language Center. After being approved by the Center, students can register the courses. The program is available to apply for until the set number of places is filled (100 per academic year). Graduating student can not apply for this program.

Currently, the program includes the following courses:
Course Name Credits
Intermediate Listening and Conversational English 2
Advanced Listening and Conversational English 2
Intermediate Journalism English 2
Advanced Journalism English 2
Intermediate Presentation English 2
Advanced English Presentation Skills 2
Intermediate Business Writing 2
Advanced Business Writing 2
Introduction Skills for Commodity Exhibitions 2
Planning and Practice of Trade Shows 2

Credit Regulations for Courses: :

Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students Senior students Extension students
Program’s Credit Chosen Should not exceed 4 credits per Semester. Should not exceed 6 credits per Semester. No limit

*The credit limit for each semester still applies. For more information please refer to the University and the particular department’s related regulations.

Application of Program’s Certificate: Once students have completed the program’s listed courses and their participation has been affirmed and approved by the President and Dean of Office of Academic Affairs, a certificate of successful completion of the program shall be issued.

Further regulations: As for regulations not included in the guidelines, please refer to and follow the University’s regulations.

Guidelines relating to the program are approved by the Academic Committee of College of Science and Humanities, and then further discussed and approved by Committee members of Academic Affairs meeting. Any modification to the guidelines follows the same process. 

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