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  English Exemption
發文單位:Language Assessment Program      張貼日期:2012-08-08  
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology:
English Credit Substitute Method
 Republic year 92 March 25th Administration meeting approved
Republic year 96 October 19th, 51st Administrative meeting approved and modified
Republic year 100 October 12th 71st Administrative meeting approved and modified

This method is made in order to increase the university's students English proficiency and educate students of all levels.


Students of all college except DAFL students can enroll with one or more of the following criteria acquired: 

Freshmen English obligatory courses include: English Listening and Speaking practice/ Vocabulary and Reading basic class, for a total of 6 credits. 
Year 2 English courses include: Advanced Reading Class, 2 credits. 
2 Year based student can substitute for Practical English, for a total of 2 credits.

10% nationally in University enrollment test in English. or Living and studying in an English speaking country for more than 1 year, and passing second audition.
(2)Students who acquire English proficiency tests with scores equivalent or higher to GEPT intermediate level, can substitute freshman English courses; and can apply substitute for second year English.Two year based students can substitute for Practical English.

Application date

The application date is within the first semester of every scholar year. Detailed time is published every semester.

Application Method

Qualified students should enroll writing the first week of the semester. Students should hand in the enrollment form and qualification documents.

Testing subjects and scoring method

1)Initial test: Qualified students will be judged and informed by the Language Center for first year substitute and further testing.

(2)Second test: Judged by teachers of DAFL/Language Center.
    1.Testing subjects: English Oral Test
    2. Covered credit: Qualified students can decide
to substitute
        Freshmen English obligatory courses include: English Listening 
        and Speaking practice/ Vocabulary and Reading basic class:
        6 credits. Year 2:Advanced Reading Class, 2 credits. 2
        Year based student: 2 credits.

    3. Qualified students can further enroll for "English Elite Program"

Testing location
College of Humanities 1. Language Center Classroom.

1. Testing allocation distribution will be announced one day ago on Language Center Online Bulletin Board.

Qualified students can enroll for DAFL obligatory classes after DAFL professor's permission.

DAFL students please refer to "Yunlin University of Science and Technology DAFL English Substitute Method"

This method is active after the Administrative meeting, and in effect after the Headmaster's signature. The same process is made in case of modification.

    最後更新 ( 2013/01/08, 週二 )
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