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  Computer-Assisted Language Learning
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ESP Café is designed for English for Specific Purposes(ESP in short) courses,and it is composed of the following five key fields ...<More>



LiveABC English Learning Resource Net focuses on the living surroundings of students. It includes Practical English Conversation,  ...<More>




To improve student’s English speaking skills,the Language Center provides MyET Online Interactive English Speaking for students.  ...<More>



This course now has an online version, and encourages YunTechers to speak English out loud together. ...<More>





We hope to deliver an easy, relaxed and fun atmosphere to students visiting this site. In this way they can learn, adapt, and immerse themselves ...<More>


BookFLIX BookFLIX is an online story telling book reader. For User ID and Password, please contact ...<More>


Following the schedule of “Let’s Talk in English” and “Studio Classroom” on television and in magazines, a brand new teaching service that ...<More>




  intAMC e-learning includes two systems. They are the ineractive course system and the mock test system. ...<More>
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