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Unit:Chinese as a Foreign Language Program      Posting Date:2009-06-15  


Course Description
Beginning Chinese  This course is designed for students who have never learned Mandarin
before. It will start with
ㄅㄆㄇㄈ, combinations of consonants and vowels, the four tones and practicing of pronunciation. After that, the character writing rules and ways of forming characters will be introduced. When students’ basic knowledge of Mandarin learning is formed, the course will move into sentences and dialogue. By teaching common and useful topics as well as related vocabulary, students will be able to apply the mandarin they learn into daily use. It can be expected that students will be able to greet, purchase food, understand a menu, ask for directions and start a simple conversation in Mandarin.
Basic Chinese  The course is designed to improve students’ proficiency of listening, speaking and reading Chinese. It offers various situations where students have chances to speak Chinese . The basic conversations and vocabulary used for daily life will be discussed and practiced. The course also involves story reading through which students can improve their Chinese reading abilities.
Intermediate Chinese

 This course is designed for students who have learned Chinese for a period of time to further develop language skills.  At the intermediate level, a greater proportion of class time is devoted to developing reading and speaking skills. Class discussions are emphasized and give students an opportunity to further utilize their Chinese in a wide variety of situations. Meanwhile, students are given greater freedom to express their opinions. Class debates and discussions are used to broaden students’ range of vocabulary, and various readings help students to develop expertise in subjects they are interested in. The study of materials, therefore, will focus on articles and papers retrieved from appropriate magazines, newspapers, and web sites. 


The Chinese courses at YunTech are provided for non-native Chinese speakers who are enthusiastic about learning Chinese language and culture.

How to Apply

   (1) Applying in Person

        Applicants may submit your application in person or entrust a person to submit the application
        to the Language Center.

   (2) Applying by Post

        Applicants may send the application to the address as follows:

        National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Language Center

        123, University Road, Section 3
         Douliou, Yunlin County, 64002, Taiwan, R.O.C.

        Application form

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