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  Classrooms and Facilities

 DH201 Language Lab

p1130862_1.jpg  p1130870_1.jpg 
p1130883_1.jpg p1130887_1.jpg




DH229 Language Lab


img_9615_1.jpg  img_9617_1.jpg 
img_9624_1.jpg img_9618_1.jpg



DH222 Language Lab 

p1200794.jpg  p1200795.jpg 
p1200796.jpg p1200802.jpg


DH202 Reading Room
p1130820_1.jpg  p1130822_1.jpg 
p1130825_1.jpg p1130827_1.jpg


DH205&DH206 Small Classroom
p1130902_1.jpg  p1130896_1.jpg 
p1130851_1.jpg p1130830_1.jpg

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