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  2021 110st-1 Fall Semester Non-Credit Chinese Courses
發文單位:Language Center      張貼日期:2021-09-13  


110-1st Semester Non-Credit Chinese Courses


² Prospective Students: YunTech International Students

² Four levels are offered in this semester: Beginner, Upper Beginner, Basic, Intermediate

² Placement test required: Applicants are required to take a Chinese placement test

u  Date and Time: Oct. 14 (Thursday), 18:30

u  Test venue: Language Center (Classroom information will be announced and sent to each applicant by email.

u  Important information: Students will be placed to one of the above-mentioned class based on their Chinese placement test result. If you cannot make it on the designated test date, please inform Angel ( in advance; otherwise, no make-up test is allowed.

² Registration link:

² Registration deadline: Oct 7 (Thursday)

² Payment deadline: Please complete the payment 2,000 NTD (tuition: 1,500 and deposit: 500) at Language Center (DH203) by Oct 22 (Friday), 17:00. The fee does not include the textbook fee.

² Contact information:

Angel (TEL: +886-5-5342601ext.3271/Email:

² Course introduction:  

Beginner Level

l Instructor: Helen laoshi

l Time: Thursday & Friday, 2021/10/21~12/10, 18:10-20:00 (Day off: 11/11 & 11/12 for mid-term exam week)

l Classroom: To be announced

l Course introduction: 本課程是針對完全沒有學過中文的同學而設計。課程安排由發音開始,介紹拼音發音、音韻的結合、四大聲調及拼音練習。之後,教授基本的中文字書寫規則和中文字型構造。進入簡單的日常生活對話與句型。藉由教授日常生活中常見的主題及相關單字。期待同學在本課程結束後,可以以簡短的中文回答與個人生活密切相關的問題。例如:住在哪裡、認識什麼人、擁有的事物等。並能使用熟悉的日常用語與詞彙簡單地描述人物、地點及物品。This course is designed for students who have never learned Mandarin before. It will review Ping Ying, combinations of consonants and vowels, four tones and practice of pronunciation. After that, the character writing rules and ways of forming characters will be introduced. When students’ basic knowledge of Mandarin learning is formed, the course will move into sentences and dialogue. By teaching common and useful topics as well as related vocabulary, students will be able to apply the mandarin they have learned into daily use. It can be expected that students will be able to answer questions which are related to themselves, also to use daily phrases and vocabulary to conduct a simple conversation in Mandarin.

Upper Beginner Level

l Instructor: Feng laoshi

l Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 18:10~20:00, 2021/10/19~12/9 (Day off: 11/9 & 11/11 for mid-term exam week)

l Classroom: To be announced

l Course Introduction:本課程是針對有學過初階中文的有學籍之國際學生而設計。課程安排將來到購物之主題(學生會學習以基本句式描述禮品的特色及數量),飲食文化的主題(學生將學習使用零至千萬的數目來談論物品價格,居住環境的主題(學生會學習描述自家屋內家具及物品的擺設位置,並在同一句子中正確描繪動作及其地點。) This course is designed for students who have successfully accomplished beginning level of Chinese. With simple, easy-to-understand sentence patterns, students will learn to describe the quality and quantity of items to purchase; to discuss about prices of things by using numbers (from zero to million); and to talk about the locations of furniture and appliances in the house.

Basic Level

l Instructor: Feng laoshi

l Time: Wednesday & Friday, 18:10~20:00, 2021/10/20~12/10 (Day off: 11/10 & 11/12 for mid-term exam week)

l Classroom: To be announced

l Course Introduction:本課程將著重於學生聽說及閱讀的能力,能聽懂教師的簡單指示和日常生活的簡易對話,包含能處理簡短的社交應對,能理解與工作或日常生活相關的常用字彙,另透過閱讀作品,能看懂簡易的短文,並抓住文章的大意。透過大量的聽說及閱讀能力的訓練,並教授中華文化社會的風俗、節慶等文化知識。使學生能夠在自然而無壓力的情況下,快樂習得華語。The course is designed to improve students’ proficiency of Chinese listening, speaking and reading. It offers various situations where students have chances to speak Chinese and learn how to deal with various situations in real context. The basic conversations and vocabulary used for daily life will be introduced and practiced. The course also involves story reading so students can improve their Chinese reading abilities with pleasure.

Intermediate Level

l Instructor: Tsai laoshi

l Time: Tuesday & Wednesday, 18:10~20:00, 2021/10/19~12/8 (Day off: 11/9 & 11/10 for mid-term exam week)

l Classroom: To be announced

l Course Introduction:本課程將著重於學生表達及溝通的能力,期待學生能以簡單詞彙敘述個人背景,環境及切身需求實務等方面。讀寫方面,將教授日常生活詞彙或工作常用詞彙,並能讀懂個人有興趣的領域中以淺白、直述的方式寫成的文章。本課程亦會教導簡單的中華文化傳說、故事、俚語等文化語言知識。The course is designed to improve students’ proficiency of expression and communication skill in Chinese. Students are expected to use basic vocabulary to give a personal background introduction and to talk about matters in areas of immediate need. In reading and writing skills, this course will teach frequently used expressions (e.g. basic vocabulary, for daily life, work or school). Also, students can read straightforward factual texts on subjects related to his/her field or interests with a satisfactory level of comprehension. This class also includes an introduction of basic study of Chinese legends, tales, slang and idioms, etc.




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