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發文單位:Chinese as a Foreign Language Program      張貼日期:2012-11-14  
Student Feedback 



Dina Bueno
I believe that it is a great opportunity learning Chinese and even more
in a country where one of its languages is the mandarin Chinese. I 
think that for us is indispensable to have knowledge of the language
, since in many occasions it is difficult to find someone that speaks 
English, and it is necessary for order in restaurants as to communicate
with our companions of university.
Personally I am very satisfied with the classes which we are taking, I
believe that to learn the language appears difficultly, nevertheless 
in one month, which we take the course, I feel the process, which 
is slow, but this exist.
In my opinion the teacher is very good, she 
speaks perfect English and this helps so much, if not in many occasions
would be very difficult to understand the explanations. 
The classes 
go rapidly and you have to study very hard at home if you want to
follow the pace of the classes, but it is the way of learning, and I 
think it is a good method.
I would like take classes the next semester, seeing that with one
semester it is not enough. I consider that it is a good idea on the 
part of the government to offer classes of Chinese in order that 
the exchange students will be able to know the language of the 
country where they are.
    最後更新 ( 2012/11/15, 週四 )
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