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發文單位:Chinese as a Foreign Language Program      張貼日期:2012-11-14  
Student Feedback




I am glad that we have Chinese class offered for international students
in this campus. It will help us to can understand more anything about 
Chinese. When you add another class focus on writing, I think it 
will more useful for us since we as students have different background
and different level of Chinese knowledge. For further, since we have 
2 different classes, can u make on writing class on Friday become
listening and writing or even with speaking but one step forward than
normal classes. I am not sure this will more helpful or not. I have
thinking like this because as I know or event you know that some 
of the students already have a basic knowledge about Chinese. For 
this case, in Friday class maybe you can find a new way how to teach
us, for example let the student to listen Chinese music (slow music), 
or listen some conversation record and discuss about it.  But those
approaches can be applied for next classes, not at this time in 
advance or you have other way to teach us. At the last but not least,
thanks for your participation in Chinese class as our teacher.

    最後更新 ( 2012/11/15, 週四 )
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